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I would like to take this opportunity of welcoming you to Newport & District Chamber of Commerce website.


The Chamber is here to support you by addressing any businesses issues or concerns you may have, helping your business to grow and prosper and to promote Newport as a thriving town.


Strength comes from the number and dedication of its Members who in acting together can instigate new business opportunities, or tackle everyday issues with other prominent bodies and authorities.


Newport & District Chamber of Commerce was established in 1964 by local business owners. It is a voluntary organisation, non-political and much can be gained from its membership.


We welcome any business topics / issues you would like to discuss at our monthly general meetings so please feel free to place these on the agenda.


Want to join us? It couldn’t be easier. We look forward to hearing from you.


Patrick Beech







The Newport (Shropshire) and District Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organisation with its head office address located at 10 High St, Newport, Shropshire, TF10 7AN. The Chamber is the recognised body representing businesses and business interests within Newport and the surrounding areas.


At the heart of our business is a desire to see its member businesses flourish.


Growth and prosperity is the key to sustainable communities and our support will provide added value for your business regardless of your size, stage of development or business sector.


Our Vision


To see Newport (Shropshire) and the surrounding district as a centre of excellence for commerce, Industry, transport, Science, Sport and Education.


To continually provide the optimal environment for business success and to raise the profile of Newport as a visitor destination.


Mission Statement


To be a responsive and proactive group whose prime purpose is to develop, promote and sustain Newport and District as a thriving and pleasant place to execute business, in so doing to foster ideas and innovation of its members towards a close-knit and successful business community.



Providing a forum for the business community to:


  • Regularly communicate and engage
  • Air and share views
  • Promote Businesses within Newport and District and develop a wider sales network
  • Regularly attend topical business workshops/seminars
  • To work with the local and borough councils, MP’s, and all business organisations for the benefit of Newport and District business community
  • Convey your concerns and complaints to external bodies
  • Collect, analyse and share information


A Brief History of Newport Chamber


The Chamber was founded as Newport Chamber of Trade in 1964 in response to a demand. Trade in the Town in the mid sixties was not particularly good, there were several empty shops, premises took a long time to sell or lease and there were number of other issues. From the beginning the Chamber’s remit was to enhance and protect the town’s trade.


The first Chairman 1964-5 was Mr. Dennis Boffey, Grocer, of Upper Bar, the Vice Chairman was Mr. Jack Davies of the Cycle Shop on the corner of Wellington Road, Chairman 1965-6, a strong supporter being Mr David Adams of Roye Adams & Co, Agricultural Engineers of St Mary Street, who became Chairman in 1966-7.


Unfortunately it was often the case that business people were unable to attend the meetings and attendance was often poor. At the A.G.M. of 1967 an ultimatum was given regarding its future existence and there was a full turnout.

Strength comes from the number and dedication of its Members who in acting together can instigate new business opportunities, or battle together against unpopular Council decisions.


The Chamber took off again under the Chairmanship of Mr Keith Carrier; Chairman 1967-9 of Newport Building Supplies in Avenue Road, when it was decided to include all businesses in the Town rather than just shops and thus it’s title was changed to Newport Chamber of Commerce. Now stronger, and in order to attract more people to the town it was able to stage the first Olde Tyme Market in St Mary Street on the 14th June 1968.


That date being propitious, it has every year since always been held on the Friday nearest the 14th June, as it has only been rained off twice in all the years.


The Newport Carnival had died out in 1958 so in 1974 a six o’clock Carnival procession was added to the Market in which the first Carnival Queen Louise Allen was selected, and in 1976 this was separated to become a larger dedicated Carnival in its own right.


The Chamber instigated the Silver Jubilee Carnival of 1977 with Mr David Adams as Chairman. A separate Carnival Committee was initially set up for the 1978 Carnival with Mr Derek Brown as Chairman, but he did not call any meetings and ran the Carnival himself. While the event was a success, he had to bear the financial loss, and thus there was no Carnival in 1979. In order to resolve this matter the Town Council with the Chamber called a meeting, which resulted in the 1980 Committee, which ran the event for the next twenty-two years. At that meeting a rule was made that the Town Mayor would become Carnival President, and the Chairman of the Chamber Vice President in perpetuity, with the power to call a public meeting should the existing Carnival Committee wish to dissolve, as happened in 2002. Thus 2012 marked the 36th Carnival.


The Chamber was also responsible for instigating the first Christmas lights. At first this was simply two strands of lights crossing the Square, but was gradually added to, and much improved when the Town Council agreed to help with an annual grant of £500, gradually as more were added, the cost increased and the grant was increased to £700, but still this was not enough and eventually the Town Council took over the whole responsibility for the lights which it still maintains.

In the 1970’s commercial businesses on the Audley Avenue Industrial Estate were being threatened with bills of £20,000 each towards the construction of proper estate roads, which would have resulted in them encountering serious financial difficulties. The Chamber fought and won the argument against this insisting that to preserve the essential viability of the businesses Wrekin Council should bear the full cost.


When on 3rd August 1989 the shop front of Tuckers crashed into the street the Chamber organised many meetings, some with the developers in attempts to resolve the future of the site.


When the Borough Council attempted for a year or so to impose parking charges on the Town (because it was an area that could afford to pay) the Chamber fought vehemently against and won, thus preserving the free parking we enjoy today. Somewhat later the Council placed build-outs on sections of the High Street in order to slow down the traffic, this caused massive congestion and in places was actually dangerous. Once again the Chamber fought a long battle to have them removed, and eventually won.


Finally in more recent times the Chamber, concerned about the future of the High Street, has joined forces with the ‘Save Newport’ campaign in an attempt to stop the establishment of ‘out of town’ supermarkets which would result in damage to High Street trade and loss of jobs in the Town Centre.


David Adams


Vice Chairman & Founder Member


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